SIRUI E-10 Ball Head (with ET kit only)
SIRUI E-10 Ball Head (with ET kit only)

1. Separate adjustment knobs for panning and main locking for maximum control and flexibility. 

2. Bubble level for fast horizontal alignment. 

3. SIRUI's unique locking mechanism provides unequaled locking force even with loads up to 8kg (17.6lb.)! 

4. Rugged metal locking knob offers a wear-resistant surface and a solid grip. 

5. Precision built to provide smooth, vibration-free movement

Included in the box: Ball Head, Arca-compatible SIRUI Quick Release plate, soft case, instruction manual and warranty card.

Model: E-10
Diameter: 29
Height: 90mm
Weight: 0.3kg/0.7lb
Load: 8kg/17.6lb
Compatible With: 0/1 Series
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