SIRUI was visited by the Leaders of Zhongshan Government

In the afternoon on 15 Jan 2018, the member of the Standing Committee of Zhongshan Municipal Committee, the General Director of the ChaozhouHeadquarter of Zhongshan Counterpart-assistance Organization, the guested member of the Standing Committee of Chaozhou Municipal Committee, and the Deputy Mayor of the Zhongshan Government - Mr. Andui Yang, the secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Wuguishan Office - Ms. Jinyi Feng, the Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee - Ms. Jiali Li, the Member of the Party Working Committee & Chairman of the Labor Union - Mr. Jianhua Zhang, the Director of the Economic and Information Bureau - Mr. Zijian Liang, and other leaders of Zhongshan Government visited SIRUI for investigation and survey. The SIRUI Chairman - Mr. Jie Li, CFO - Ms. Jie Ding, General Office Director - Mr. Xingfu Su, R&D Product Manager - Ms. Min Xu, and the Secretary to the Chairman - Mr. Xinnian Lu gave warm welcome to their visit.

Investigation & Survey

The member of the committee Mr. Yang, and otherleaders visited SIRUI's Culture Exhibition Hall and the Product Display Area, and listened to the introduction of the SIRUI's enterprise scale, core business and the future strategic planning.

In the new style intelligent & electronic product display area, SIRUI's R&D Production Manager - Ms. Min Xu demonstrated the follow feature and other functions of SIRUI's newest strategic products - Three-axis Handheld Stabilizer and 360 Ballpod to Mr. Yang and other leaders.

During the process of demonstration, the standing committee member Mr. Yang expressed much interest to the SIRUI Three-axis Handheld Stabilizer, he tried to operate it and invited Secretary Feng and SIRUI's Chairman Mr. Jie Li to selfie in group.

In the new style optical product display area, SIRUI Chairman Mr. Jie Li introduced the independent R&D mobile phone auxiliary lenses (Wide Angle Lens, Portrait Lens, Fisheye Lens) to Mr. Yang and other leaders, and demonstrated the SIRUI Wide Angle Lens by attaching it onto the smart phone for shooting. After that, Mr. Yang highly appreciated the simple operation and high quality image of that mobile phone auxiliary lens.

In the traditional photography equipment area, SIRUI Chairman Mr. Jie Li introduced the Photo and Video tripod lines to Mr. Yang and other leaders, and shared his perspective on the future development trend of this tripod market.

Discussion& Exchange

After visited the productshowroom, both parties had a meeting for discussion and exchange. At the beginning of the meeting, SIRUI Chairman Mr. Jie Li introduced SIRUI's core business & technology, enterprise advantages, future developing strategy and other information to Mr. Yang, Secretary Feng and other leaders.

Mr. Jie Li indicated that SIRUI's vigorously invested in the breakthrough of the industry key technology development was just the important reflect to the government's call for implementing the strategy of innovation driving development. At the same time, Mr. Li gave his sincerely thanks to the vigorous allowance support from the financial department of the government.

After that, SIRUI's General Manager Director Mr. Xingfu Su gave a report for SIRUI's business performance and its innovative technology achievements with a PPT, including bringing in professional team for the enterprise to enhance its scientific management level, striving on the “internet +”, acquisition and reorganization in domestic and abroad, upgrading the enterprise business strategy, the enterprise financial condition and financial forecasting of 2018, the enterprise main achievements in scientific research in 2017, the expectation of the scientific research in 2018, the awards and honors got in 2016-2017, the status of the funds from the government for setting up the scientific and technological projects, and other information.

When the standing committee member Mr. Yang knew that SIRUI had got the 2016 Guangdong Patent Gold Award, the 2018 German Design Winner Award, revised the industry standards of Photography Tripods as the chief editor and officially released by the national Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and officially implemented from 1 April 2017, and other high level awards and achievements, he expressed his highly appreciation right away, and hoped SIRUI keep up the good work to play a more significant role on promoting the progress of Zhongshan City's cultural industry and science &technology.

Investigating the New Dust-free Plant in the SIRUI Optical Building

After the meeting, SIRUI Chairman Mr. Jie Li, the Standing Committee member Mr. Yang and other leaders visited the SIRUI Dust-free Plant in the new completed optical building.

At last, before the visiting was over, the Standing Committee member Mr. Yang expressed his high appreciate on SIRUI's new development and achievements that he heard from the investigation this time. He expected that SIRUI could further enhance its innovation intensity on science and technology, and upgraded the market competitiveness of products to play a more significant role on the society economic development for the new era of Zhongshan City.