SIRUI Multi-functional Monopod approved as the Scientific& Technological Achievement

On 24 Dec 2017, the 3rd Party of the ProfessionalScientific & Technologic Achievement Evaluation Organization - the Beijing Zhong Ke He Chuang Scientific & TechnologicalAchievement Evaluation Center, organized the experts to evaluate the SIRUI project "the Panoramic Photo and Video Key Technology and device of the Portable and Multi-functional Monopod" according to the relevant regulation of the "Science & Technology Evaluation Methods" from the Science & Technology Ministry, with the Scientific & Technological Achievement standards and processes, based on the principle of Scientific, Independent, Objectives and Just.

It is known that the experts of the Evaluation Organization was composed by the Professor of the Guangzhou Mechanical Engineering Research Institute - Xiemei Chen, the Senior Engineer of the Guangdong Mechanical Research Institute - Yi Ruan, the Professor of the Guangzhou Mechanical Design Institute - Jinfeng Chen, the Dean and Professor of the Zhongshan Electronic and Information School of Electronic Science and Technology University - Chunjian Deng, the Professor of the Guangzhou University - Kangxian Guo, the Professor of the South China University of Technology - Jinyuan Feng, the Professor of the Guangdong University of Technology - Dehan Luo, etc.

After reviewing by the experts, it's identified that SIRUI had developed a portable monopod and realized the 360 degree adjustment, locking and fast connecting and other functions with its independent and creative patent technologies, which was with reasonable structure, stable operation, smooth rotation, long use life and other features. The relative technologies have got4 Invention Patents and 1 Utility Patent in China, and 12 Invention patentsabroad.The product has been detected by relative detection organization and conform to the relative standards and requirements of the country. It also got good feedback from customers and achieved good social and economic benefits. The evaluation expert group agreed that the product structure and functions of the project was at the leading level of China.After the complete evaluation on the product, the experts unanimously agreed that theproject of "the Panoramic Photo and Video Key Technology and device of the Portable and Multi-functional Monopod" was approved as the scientific and technological achievements.

Lock back at the year 2017, SIRUI had won many awards - the Second Prize of Zhongshan Science and Technology Progress Award in 2016, the Excellence Award of the 19th National Patent Award in 2017, the Product Design Winner of the 2018 German Design Award, the Product Group Silver Award of Zhongshan Meiju Creative Industry Design Competition in 2017. In the same year, SIRUI also be certificated as the Guangdong Province Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise and the National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise.

SIRUI's scientific research achievement of the "Panoramic Photo and Video Key Technology and device of the Portable and Multi-functional Monopod" has been evaluated by the expert group that the product structure and functions of it is at the leading level in China, and another important witness that the company adheres to the path of independent innovation and development which combines the technological innovation and industrial design.