Recently, SIRUI R-3213X Tripod won the GERMAN DESIGN AWARD WINNER 2018. Although it was the first time SIRUI joined this competition, it got the WINNER with its R-3213X tripod. That means the design of the SIRUI product was highly appreciated by the Europe. This design award takes combining the international excellent brand Enterprises to push the commercial area design as the mission, which was known as the German design of the Oscar.

The German Design Award directly contributes to the overall commercial success. Prizes will only be awarded to projects that truly represent pioneering contributions to the German and international design landscape. The highly esteemed, international jury guarantees this. The German Design Award identifies and presents unique design trends: a competition that advances the design-oriented scene.

There were more than 5,000 excellent designs attending the trial, SIRUI R-3213X tripod won this award WINNER with its break through on the utility and creative technology.

Please click here to the official website of the German Design Award for more details.

The SIRUI R-3213X is a carbon fiber tripod for anyone who likes to remain flexible. SIRUI has developed a triple-application tripod: the R-3213X! It is supplied with a center column, a large mounting plate and a 75 mm half bowl. With these three options, interchangeable at any time, it has never been so easy to combine photography and filming. Standing at an impressive 179 cm, this smart giant weighs only 1.8 kg and packs up to just 61 cm.

In this prestigious design award, comprehensive consideration is given to the overall conception, design quality, brand value and fit, aesthetic uniqueness and innovation.Therefore, this award is an excellent recognition of the industryand the outstanding product value of the SIRUI tripod.

In the past ten years, SIRUI has been adhering to the beautiful vision of "Changing life with Image", and constantly perfecting and powerful itself on the path of exploration, accumulation and progress. In the future, SIRUI will promote the development of images with scientific and technological innovation. The SIRUI staff believe that their "attitude” and "method" will change the lives of people in the future.

SIRUI attaches great importance to the senior research and development capabilities, and stick to the path of "Independent Innovation". SIRUI believes that only paying attention to "Technology Accumulation" and "Independent Innovation" can achievequalitative leap from "Made in China" to "Wisdom in China".