Innovation Conference of Zhongshan City SIRUI Awarded Gold Patent Medal

In the afternoon of March 8th, the Party committee and Zhongshan government held the Zhongshan City Innovation and Development Conference, conveying and implementing the spirit of the innovation and development, deploying the innovation and development in zhongshan, awarding and commending the science and innovation standout and awards. The major of the city, the township responsible person, the science and innovation standout,the representatives of the science and some relevant department and company representatives attended the conference.

In the conference, party secretary Mr.Chenrugui representing the party committee and government expressed great respect to scientific workers , administrators, entrepreneurs and people from all works of life. He said that to adapt the new development tendency, we have to insist on the advanced ideology, implement the development strategy with innovation, cluster innovation entrepreneurship elements leading development, and speed up the construction of  regional science and innovation research centers.

In the conference, the mayor Mr. Jiaolansheng conveyed the spirit of the innovation and development conference for the whole province. He emphasized that Zhongshan city has to implement the spirit of the conference, focusing on the construction of regional science and innovation research center, promoting the innovation development in the city.

The conference awarded the standouts of the science and innovation ,and the 2015 science and technology award. Longxiaobin, sunqinghuan, wuzhonglin, zhangchuanwei, chenchichang, xiayu, guojingsong, gongjunqiang, luchuping   award the "Science and Technology Innovation in Zhongshan"; 19 results won the "First Prize in Zhongshan Science and Technology Progress Prize"; 10 patents named "Zhongshan Patent Gold Medal"; three companies was awarded "Zhongshan New Research Excellence Award".

Our company invention patent "the monopod rotating system" was awarded the "Zhongshan 2015 Patent Gold Medal" due to its original design and economic value. Besides the awarded Sliver Award Industrial Design Zhongshan in 2016, the company has acquired another important honor award. The company insists on the technology innovation and industrial design combined with independent innovation.

At present, the invention patent technology has been used in our company's full series monopod. Including P-204S, P-224S, P-324S, P-424S, P-326S and P-426S etc, once the product is issued for many years it has been the star of the company's best-selling products.