SIRUI Won the Title of 'Good Employer' in the first Poll of 'the Best - Good Employers of Zhongshan'

Nowadays, labor relation has already become a basic force of competition of a company. More and more companies are being encouraged to jump the limit of human resource and broaden their scope. Building a good employer's brand is their mutual social and historical responsibility. 

Later on December 26, awarding ceremony of the first poll of the best-good employers of Zhongshan of 2016 was held in Zhongshan Kinghua Century  Hotel. The judging panel of this poll was consisted of Zhognshan Federation of Trade Union, Human resources and social security bureau, Economy and Information bureau, association of industry and commerce, reporters and specialists and scholars, totally 10 members. The judging and evaluating standard is in accordance with 'Guidelines of Guangdong Nice Employers Responsibility , and the evaluation and judging was scored from a company's steady development, legal employment, employer and employees harmony , humanistic care and social responsibility. Together with on-site spot-check, third-party comments, checking publicity and specialist group's final judgment as well as people's voting , 20 members of  'Best Employer' and 40 members of  'Good Employer' were selected.

It is reported that this polling was sponsored by Zhongshan Daily , Zhongshan Company Association and Zhongshan Entrepreneur Association. Nearly 100 companies including state-owned businesses, foreign and private enterprises from manufacturing, financial sector, information technology, culture education, costumes and foods entered this polling since October of 2016. Finally 72 companies and businesses were selected for the awards of  'The Best Employer' and 'The Good Employer'.

China Perfect, Guangdong Mingyang Wind Power together with others won the title of  'The Best Employer' Guangdong SIRUI Optical Co., Ltd with other companies won the title of  Good Employer'.

The honorary title of  'Good Employer' witnessed the idea of SIRUI in legal employment, persistence of humanistic care and people oriented. It also will encourage SIRUI to pay greater contribution to the development of harmony of Zhongshan and happiness of Guangdong.