SIRUI Awarded Silver Medal in 'Zhongshan 2016 Beautiful-dwelling Originality Industrial Designing' Competition

Award ceremony for 'Zhongshan 2016 Beautiful-dwelling Originality Industrial Designing' competition was held on December 26, 2016 in Zhongshan Beautiful-Dwelling Industry Park. Leaders from some relevant departments, such as Chairman Huqizhi of Guangdong Industrial Designing Association, Deputy Mayor Gaoruishen of Zhongshan People's Government, Director General Leiyuelong and Deputy Director General Huangxianlong of Zhongshan Economization and Inoformatization Bureau, Deputy Secretary Wukunman of Zhongshan People's Government's Shiqi Office, as well as other leaders and medal winners attended this medal-awarding ceremony.

This competition was sponsored by Zhongshan Economization and Informatization Bureau and undertaken by Zhongshan Industrial Designing Association and Zhongshan Beautiful-dwelling Industry alliance. Five group medals had been set including household appliances, lighting, daily necessity, furniture and hardware. Totally 5 works were selected for gold medal, 10 works for silver and 15 for bronze.

It is reported that this year's industrial designing competition was to collect designing works from universities, companies as well as designers, research and developing institute and freelancing designers. Finally 55 works were selected for awards through the evaluation of 1367 pieces of works on December 29. Hereinto, the magic kitchen oven of Guangdong Vatti, the reflection streetlamp of UESTC Zhongshan College and the high-landscape children's cart of Zhognshan Lerui Infant and Children Products were awarded gold medals.

Representatives of gold-medal-awarded companies

Following its awarded '2015 Zhongshan Patent Gold Medal' and '2016 Guangdong Patent Gold Medal', SIRUI's kit products of 'P-426S Photographing/Recording Multi-functional Monopod and VH-10 Hydraulic Ballhead'  was awarded a silver medal in this competition, having realized a breakthrough of zero for companies in the a municipal industrial designing completion.

Representatives of silver-medal awarded companies.

On the ceremony day, besides the awarding of gold, silver, bronze and excellence mention, other honors and prizes , such as 2016 pioneering brand, originality brand, novelty brand, competition organization prize, competition designing prize as well as Zhongshan Industrial Designing Competition Promotional Industrial Designing Development Excellence prize were awarded.

Photo of the attendees and personnel of Zhongshan Industrial Designing Association Annual Meeting.