Preliminary Results of the First Mobile Phone Photo Contest held by SIRUI

After days of primary election, we selected 85 beautiful artworks from masses of contributions to enter into the final election. Since many of the artworks are elected, we chose some of the artworks to share here. The artworks below are in no particular order. If you are still not on the list, don't worry, please wait for the coming result patiently.

Budding - Yizi

Small Paper Airplane  - Wenlong Chen

Innocence  - Yanling Chen

Breathe - Xiaohe Deng

The Lake Ripples and Sparkles  - Yingying Gao

In the Spotlight - Yingying Gao

Against the world - Yihang Guo

Raindrop - Yihang Guo

The Ceiling of the Afternoon - Yuzhe Hong

Fairy aired the Boots - Xuanqian Hou

The Owner of the Red Land  - Jingxiong Hu

Distant Place - Jingxiong Hu

Morning in Chicago - Jingxiong Hu

Wave - Lei Jia

Morning Song in Jiaga Dashu - Sha Jia

Goodbye Gondola - Sha Jia

Chasing Dreams - Sha Jia

Confuse - Yang Lai

Come Back - Limei Li

Fern on the Big Mountain

Practice - Feng Liu

Magic Magnolia

Light & Leaf - Yuanyuan Liu

Intersection - Yuanyuan Liu

Exhaust Fan - Yuanyuan Liu

Pass By - Yanming Lu

Sunset and Lonely Bird fly together - Chao Luo

Eye of the Bridge - Chao Luo

Messy Time - Tao Qiu

High Building - Luxi Shen

Vast - Gang Wang

The Happy Moment  - Haoyu Wang

Spring Outing - Weiwei Wang

Reflection - Yijin Wang

Zhujiang Xincheng with rain and fog - Mr Wu

Five-point Star through the cloud (for National Day) - Xinliang Wu

Tea Market - Changjun Wu

Gate Eaves - Changjun Wu

The Remaining Water Lily - Gang Xiang

Dance for Noodles - Gang Xiang

Smell of the Ocean - Xiaoshan

Haiping Yan

Flying in Tibet - Zhihong Yan

The Gold Tower in the City - Yi Yang

Triumph In The Skies - Weiming Zhan

Mirror Building - Weiming Zhan

The Tunnel Vision - Weiming Zhan

Pudong Image - Chi Zhang

Overlook to Pudong - Chi Zhang

Harvest - Qianli Zhang

Sunset at Jingwang - Wei Zhang

Xi Zhang

Wedding Dress - Xiaohang Zhao

Parents are the best teachers of the child - Fangcan Zheng

Rush in Rainy Night - Fangchan Zhen

After Raining - Shaou Zhu

Green Straw - Chenfeng Shen

In the Mirror - Lei Zhao

Rampage Childhood - Lei Zhao